a reading (2017)

written for Josh Guarisco
for oboe and teller

To read is to follow what a writer has already written. Writers try to craft a reader’s response, to predict a reader’s expectations. In a reading, readers interpret what has been written, often unaware of the intent of the writer or the end point of the course they have been set.

a reading (2017) is a solo for oboe and teller. The teller uses a deck of cards to determine all of the music the oboist plays. Each card contains a single musical note, as well as information on whether the pitch is to be bent up, down, or held steady. The teller controls rhythm and dynamics by placing the cards in various orientations on a tabletop in front of the oboist.

The recording that appears on acoustics feature three recordings overlaid. The piece can be performed with this fixed media accompaniment, or as for solo oboe without electronics.

[recording forthcoming]