Warren Enström makes sounds — but not always! Their works exist across various mediums, including installation art, sonic composition, sculpture, performance art, and more. Often, their work brings audiences to see the world around them in new, detailed ways, encouraging a curiosity towards all aspects of life. Recent works have included a ninety-minute performance of moving furniture (Place in Exhaustion, 2016), a haunting sound installation in a 19th-century mansion in Middletown, Connecticut (remnant // residue, 2017), and a live-generated soundtrack to a video of glitch art created by Paul Mitchell, with choreography from Mauriah Kraker (wave function collapse, 2019).

In addition to performing their own work, Warren has worked with ensembles and performers such as Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, C. Olivia Valenza, Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, Amanda Schoofs, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Matt Wellins, Sō Percussion, and Mantra Percussion. Their work has been performed and shown in the US and Canada, in venues such as Constellation, the MAC650 Gallery, Harvestworks, Eastern Bloc, and the Center for New Music. They have participated in residencies internationally, such as at the Montréal Contemporary Music Lab, at Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, Sweden, and at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. They also regularly contribute to bodymilk tapes’s Meat Scenes compilation albums, where experimental musicians cover each year’s top radio hits.

Warren received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition and Technology from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where they studied with Amanda Schoofs and Chris Burns. While there, they led a contemporary music organization, with their leadership culminating in a concert described as a ballet for cars. In 2017, they received a Master of Arts in Music from Wesleyan University, where they worked with Paula Matthusen, Ron Kuivila, Elliott Sharp, and Liz Phillips. During their time at Wesleyan, Warren took charge of the Experimental Music Group, which produced concerts of experimental, noise, punk, and DIY music. In 2018, they received a Fulbright grant and lived in Gothenburg, Sweden, working with Palle Dahlstedt and Ami Skånberg-Dahlstedt on generative music techniques and artistic research practices. Currently, Warren teaches music technology, music appreciation, and aural skills at Alverno College.

CV available on request.

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