Launch and Percussion

Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to offically launch this website. There are things still being tinkered with, but by and large, the site is more or less complete. You can find my biography under the “About” heading above, my compositions under the “Composition” subheading under “Work” above, my performances under the “Performance” subheading under “Work” above, a way to get in touch with me via email under the “Contact” heading, and quicklinks to my SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Take a look around! Upcoming edits will add more information to the composition pages, as well as score previews, and a way to purchase scores through PayPal.

In artistic news, I’m happy to announce that I’m writing for Mantra Percussion for an upcoming (on December 6, 2015) concert of graduate works at Wesleyan University. I’m writing a graphic score that builds on some of the notational ideas of Study for Cymbals and movement VII (“piano”) from prussian blue. I’m writing it for one cymbal, three metal sounds, two gongs, four ceramic sounds, and three wooden planks. Each instrument has a “key gesture” associated with it. These “key gestures” will happen periodically throughout the piece, marking various divisions of the piece’s total length (seven minutes), similar to how certain instruments in Surakartan gamelan music mark out specific moments in the colotomic meter.

There are a couple of other pieces in the works, but as of right now, the piece for Mantra is getting almost all of my attention. More updates to come.

Be well, all.